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Do you want to buy an apartment in Panama?

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Are you looking apartment in Panama?

If the answer is yes, you should be clear certain points,

1.1 Investing for to Life:

Why we say invest to live, because buying a property is always an investment and for this reason should be very careful where you put your money in any case we make the following recommendations
– Try to buy where to an outside person would like to buy in the future will be able to sell to a foreigner who in most cases can pay more money than local.
– Try to buy property near the center of the city, within closer the better, these properties are revalued better and to let more easily.

1.2 Investing to sell in the future

1.3 Investing for to rent


2. How much you want to invest ??
This is a very important point, we recommend that if you have the ability to buy high and low prices take note point 1 and thereafter make the analysis to make the best decision for you.
We recommend a real estate advise having expreciencia in the field.

If you have quetions or need help for to invest in Panama, are free in contact us.



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